:S archive.sh runs , but it's not processing new data

Hello everyone ,

I’m trying to setup auto archiving with no luck :
I have an installation of piwik 1.5 with 450 (mini/3-4 pages) sites ,all sites have little traffic on them . It’s been running well since aug 2011 , without auto-archiving , but ofcourse it became too slow to work on… so I’ trying to set the script for archiving.

the archive.sh script works well , it runs without errors , but it doesn’t process anything that’s later than 28/11/2011 … not for a day , not for a month , nor a year …

for example here’s a copy from the script output , for one site’s month view :

I think that in the end of november I was trying the first time to setup auto-archiving ,. but I can’t recall what I did or if I did anything at all …

I updated the version to 1.6 , but still the same thing .
BTW - everything still works great ( but slow ) when I use the browser, it seems the problem is only with the script.

can anyone suggest what can cause this ?

Please , share any thoughts and ideas that might help resolve this issue …


Thanks for the report.

There was a bug priori to 1.6 causing this.

-> please update to 1.7 beta which has many bug fixes: 301 Moved Permanently
-> you can then re-process the dates that show zero visits. See: How to - Analytics Platform - Matomo for how to.
in particular delete the table piwik_archive_* for December and jan.
-> run archive.sh -> then it should work

Make sure you have no error in error log etc.