Russians bots seen as visitor?


Lately I’ve got Russian bots, a lot of them. I was wondering what to do with them? Now I’m trying to block them through htaccess, but I don’t understand why Piwik sees them as visitors when they are clearly not. See attachment.


So… since these Russian bots (,, and some more) are still being seen and counted as visitors and the following code in my htaccess doesn’t seem to work:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} .(ru|ua)(/|$) [NC]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !(google|yandex|mail).
RewriteRule .* - [F]

How can I block them from not being counted as visitors in the Piwik settings? I don’t want to use IPs because they have a lot of them.


Hello @harmhero.

I have the next problem 301 Moved Permanently
Help me, please. Can you tell me what options you use in tracking code that you view bots?



I’m also interested, thx.


Nothing special really, just the code what the app gives under ‘Administration’ -> ‘websites’ -> ‘View Tracking code’.

However it might be an excellent idea to have a seperate list of bot visitors!


…probably fake referrers as I saw with Google Analytics.

It was the reason I left Google Analytics and now Piwik has the same problem :frowning:

Every day ‘direct’ (fake) hits from Russian bots. CORBINA.RU is the worst.


BUMP, see attachment. Is there a way in the settings to just ignore all RU traffic except yandex?

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Hi @harmhero

what makes you think these are bots?

what are the user agent of the requests, if you can maybe look in your server access logs?

we could exclude the bots if we can confirm these are bots


There are certainly no visitors if that’s what you mean. They always come in ‘bursts’, five at almost the same time. Tonight again see attachment. Always direct visits to pages which are hardly ranked or never had visitors before.

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When this occurs, can you check in your webserver Access log file, for the exact lines of these requests? to find the exact lines look for the IP address that are used by these bots. if you send me the lines maybe we can exclude them.