Running two tracking scripts in parallel on one website (SaaS Usecase)

Good morning,

I have a question about a specific use case that arises from my SaaS Usecase.

We run a SaaS product for which each customer is on their own unique domain/subdomain. At this moment we have 100+ unique customer URLs. In the background we run a Matomo installation on a server with strong performance.

My goal is to have an overall view of performance (all clients) as well as a detailed view per client (unique statistics view).

For this reason, I would like to run two tracking scripts per client:

  • General tracking (customised script)
  • Customer specific tracking (customised script)

According to my search, the previous topics on this question were more than 5 years old. So I would like to ask this question again and more specifically.

I am looking forward to your answers.
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P.S. I am aware that there is a “Roll Up Reporting” plugin/extension. However, I would like to avoid this for the moment.

There are different ways, as seen in the integration documentation

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Hi Tassoman,

thank you very much. This is the absolute best possible answer i could get.

For all future forum thread visitors:

  • Yes, my approach is possible.
  • There are multiple ways to solve this
  • All further information can be found here

Thank you many times il moderatore Tassoman.

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