Running Piwik on more than one server?

(ddv) #1

Is it possible to install more than one copy of Piwik in order to distribute the load over more than one web server?

(easea) #2

I haven’t been through the code, but Piwik sounds like a typical LAMP application which keeps any state between requests in the DB server, so you should be able to copy your Piwik install & config file to another web server and loadbalance between the two. It’s not clear to me that it would help that much though. Also, I’d guess that the archive script may not handle being started on multiple machines, so you’d want to run that job on just one.

Again, this is just general opinion, based on my understanding of LAMP apps in general, not Piwik in particular.

(AndrewDB) #3

I have a slightly different need but the question is similar to the one asked above :
since I am setting up a Piwik configuration for a high traffic site ( > 1 million users per day), I wanted to split the Piwik tracking and report generation tasks between two identically configured Apache/PHP servers, connected to a backend MySQL server.
The tracking server would log visits to the database and the report generating server would run the archiving scripts and other administrative tasks periodically.
Is this feasible and/or has anybody tried such a setup ?
Any hints / advice would be highly appreciated.