Running Piwik Locally on Wamp

Piwik does not seem to like this. I’ve got Piwik installed both locally and also on my web server where I’ve installed it via Softaculous (a script installer for Direct Admin control panel) I’ve been noticing that while running Piwik locally the data display to the front end is spotty, sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt. Expecially Visitors > Visitor log, this never seems to show me any data until the next day or so.

However while running through the Direct Admin/Softaculous install, it runs fine, all data is being collected and displayed in realtime as far as I can tell.

I have checked all my php ini settings locally such as timezone etc so Im not sure exactly why Piwik does not like running locally. I’ve even installed the latest archive script from the upcoming 1.1 distro but that doesn’t help either. I’ve looked at the database and all the data is making it into the tables but for whatever reason it doesn’t reliably or consistently display out to the front end nor am I able to get at it via the API.

I don’t mind much that it doesnt work locally since no one but me will see or have access to the local data, so long as everything works as expected on the server Im happy but I just wanted to let others know incase they are having the same issues.