Run Piwik from multiple domains

I have multiple websites running on a webserver, including my Piwik instance. Most of the running websites get tracked by this Piwik.

Recently I found out that, privacy tools like Noscript[/url] and [url=]privacy badger block the Piwik connection, because it obviously looks like a third-party tracker, since it is connected to via its own domain, even though running from the same server.

So I thought I could just bindmount the piwik instance to /var/www/domain1/piwik as well as /var/www/domain2/piwik and so on and within the Piwik Javascript snipped of each website I just use /piwik, so it looks like it has its own instance in a subfolder.

So the big question is: does this work? There is a number of web applications, that store the FQDN that they are running on inside their database for whatever reason. If Piwik does that, this will not work for all the websites that each have their own domains, of course.

If it does not work, are there any other suggestions on how I could not look like a third-party tracking website?

edit: looks like bbcode is broken here…

Hi there,

Yes it’s possible to do what you want :slight_smile: please read this: How do I setup Piwik to track multiple websites without revealing the Piwik server URL footprint which appears in the Javascript code in all websites? - Analytics Platform - Matomo