Run PHP as FPM served by Apache VS FPM served by Nginx VS pure Nginx server

We currently run our Matomo on the server with PLESK where PHP v7.4.5 runs as FPM application served by Apache.

Should we expect any quantifiable performance gains if PHP will run as FPM application served by NGINX?

Does it make any sense to have a pure clean NGINX server configured to run Matomo, given the same hardware?


I only have experience with using Nginx in combination with FPM. But I doubt you would see any significant change in performance either way. In all cases Matomo code is executed the exact same way by PHP-FPM so the only difference is in serving the HTTP requests. But I doubt you can get a lot of gain there by using Nginx or Apache.
So I’d recommend you to simply stay with the one you like more and are more likely to configure correctly.