Run locally Piwik


I want to run Piwik locally to my computer.

I don’t have any kind of site online in order to have a riched dataset for web analytics.

I plan to use wamp server and joomla in order to create a site and use the piwik there locally.

In order to run them I should have a db.

Is it possible to have a data in order to insert it in the database?

How can I have the riched data like demo of piwik?

Do you have any experimental dataset of a script which creates synthetic data?

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Hi there, sure, please see: Generating test data - Introducing the Piwik Platform - Analytics Platform - Matomo


Hi Matt,

It is very nice to provide test data. Thank you.

Because I am totally new to piwik it is not the same to install the piwik like How to Install Piwik Analytics in order to create test data. It needs different installation for developers?