Run archive cron when host doesn't allow HTTP requests to self

I need to run the ./console core:archive process to reduce the database size (currently exceeds the host’s limit). The problem is the host doesn’t allow a script to make a HTTP request to itself, and so the archive process always fails because it seems to require making API calls to itself to complete the process.

Even running the process via a browser to: /misc/cron/archive.php doesn’t work because archive.php is internally making HTTP API calls to the instance.

Is there any way to run the archive process without the need to make API calls to the same instance?

Would it work if I had a second Piwik instance on another server (that doesn’t have the loopback limitation), but have it connecting to the live database on the original server? Then I’d run /misc/cron/archive.php on the second server, to hopefully do the archiving on the remote, live database.

Thanks in advance.