Row evolution of custom report

Hi! I developed a new report. It is associated with a dimension and it’s all working “fine”. The problem is when I click on the “Open row evolution”, It takes TOO LONG to show the evolution graph. How can I make this run faster?

I don’t know if (somehow) I have to archive each row of the report.

This is the aggregateDayReport method of the Archiver.php:

$archiveProcessor = $this->getProcessor();
$dataTable = new DataTable();
$dataTable->addRowsFromSimpleArray($visitsData); //$visitsData is a well formed array.
$serializedDataTable = $dataTable->getSerialized();
$archiveProcessor->insertBlobRecord(self::XXX_RECORD_NAME, $serializedDataTable);

aggregateMultipleReports method:

$archiveProcessor = $this->getProcessor();

And this is my API.php:

$archive   = Archive::build($idSite, $period, $date, $segment);
$dataTable = $archive->getDataTable(Archiver::XXX_RECORD_NAME);
return $dataTable;