Row Evolution Metrics

hallo everyone,
I’ve got a problem with row evolutions. Maybe someone can help. The problem is this: I’ve got a custom table similar to the custom variables table. But additionaly shows “ecomerce order conversion rate”. That is the conversion rate of the goal “ecomerce order”. When I trigger row evolution there is only a conversion cate that shows 0% and no “ecomerce order conversion rate” (that is not equal to 0%).
You can reproduce this behaviour by creating a custom goal and taking a look at Ecommerce & Goals. Click on the left on “view goals by visits”->“Custom Variables”. There you should see a table with a “custom goal”-conversion rate that won’t be shown in the row evolution.

So the question is: How can I modify the row evolution metrics?

Thanks and greetings

Indeed it would be awesome to have Goals metrics in Row evolution… Row Evolution: usability improvements, UX · Issue #3158 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub