Route tracking between Subdomains with the same tracking ID

(Michael) #1

Hey guys,

since I want to build a funnel in my reporting I need to track the movement between my subdomains, which have all the same tracking ID (since I want to track all the actions in one session).

In a nutshell:
I have two subdomains (www[dot]mysite[dot]com and blog[dot]mysite[dot]com) which have the main incoming traffic and I want to see, how many people follow my CTAs or the Menu from there to the conversion pages (another subdomain marketing[dot]mysite[dot]com).

In the transitions-area I find somehow what I’m looking for, but the problem is, that I (as far as I see) can only track explicit pages there and not all traffic of the sites* to the sites*.

Can anybody help me, solving this problem?

Many thanks in advance!