Rollup - Website Limits? Errors?

One of my customers has the rollup in use. Now he has combined about 250 web pages in it. Per website there are about 500 visitors per month. Unfortunately, there are now gaps in the reporting and some data is not calculated correctly.

I know that the rollup plugin is probably not designed for such a quantity. Unfortunately I don’t see if something was written away in the logs and the scripts are running on a timeout for example. Any recommendations here on how I might improve performance? For example, does the cronjob need more RAM? Are error messages written to the normal logfile?
If I set the number of domains to e.g. 10, everything is calculated correctly.

Hello Thomas. Thanks for reaching out to us on this forum. Since this is a plugin related issue, could you please send us an email to about this query and please include a screenshot of the configuration for the roll up reporting they created. Thank you.

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