Rollup reporting - Year data not getting accumulated

Hi Everyone,

We are observing that the roll-up reporting “Pages” and “Events” data is not getting accumulated for the year 2020. While we are seeing that the 2019 data is available in the rollup report.

is this intended behavior that we see only after 31st Dec. i.e. start of 2021. Please confirm.

We are observing in the individual sites the data for the 2020 year accumulation as on today, but not in the roll-up reporting site.

Thanks a lot.


Could you please try to invalidate and check how it goes How do I tell Matomo to invalidate the past historical reports so they can be re-processed from the logs? FAQ - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Thanks @karthik for the response. This is not a problem as on a hourly basis the rest of the individual sites are getting processed correctly.

Wondering if there is a setting with which Rollup Reporting is controlled to process other frequencies other than Year.

Thanks in advance.

@siva538 Is rollup working for weeks and months? if not could you please check your server error logs and let us know if there is any error? and also check if your core:archive has generated any error recently.

@karthik - I didn’t get a chance to look at the logs on this. will review and get back to you.!

Thanks again!