Rollup Reporting - Exclude specific Measurable for All measurables

Hello Matomo Team,

Need your help on achieving the ask here for the Rollup Reporting premium feature -

We have 20 Sites in a particular installation, and

  1. we wanted to just avoid ONLY one or two specific sites from that group
  2. Also we don’t want to hardcode the measurables one by one
  3. Also we wanted the new sites added to the list (example: 21 or 22 numbered sites) automatically get added to the list of overall Rollup Reporting Measurable, by specifying the rollup measurable as “all”.


So basically question is, is there a way to achieve this functionality in the existing “Roll-up Reporting” plugin?

Thanks in advance.

It is possible only via either using the UI to add the sites manually, or using the API to add them automatically to the roll-up, see the Roll-up API list at:

you can use the method: RollUpReporting.updateRollUp (idSite, name = '', sourceIdSites = '', timezone = '', currency = '')

Hope this helps

Thanks Matt. Can I request an enhancement in this one?

Basically if I am adding 100 sites in a particular roll-up, and wanted to exclude only 2 of them, obviously it is tedious to add all 98 sites manually one by one.

Instead if you can provide the flexibility to select the excluded ones, that would be helpful.

As this would be a scalable solution, even when there is a new one say 101., we don’t need to manually add everytime.

Please let me know if there is a different place, where I need to submit this enhancement request.