Rollup archives for old time periods

We have a moderately size Piwik installation that has been running in an alpha state for over a year. For most of that time the hardware it was running on wasn’t powerful enough / configured correctly to perform rollups to weekly and monthly reports. It’s now on new hardware where it has enough RAM of its own to perform those rollups. Running the core:archive the first time generated a bunch of those rollups, until it ran out of memory. So for instance, we have weeklies for last year up until June, at which point they stop. We made the change in late December, so those weekly rollups start happening again in December. The slightly annoying part is the period of time in between where they don’t exist. I’m trying to figure out the exact options to pass to core:archive to get it to run those weekly and monthly reports.

I’m pretty sure that I want --force-date-range and --force-periods=“week,month”. What else do I need to have it run against those time periods? It appears to skip processing because there isn’t any recent data, and all of the newest data has been archived correctly (we get our data from daily log imports).


See the second 2) part in How do I force the reports to be re-processed from the logs? - Analytics Platform - Matomo