Roll Up Reporting - How the datas are stored?

Hello everyone,

I have a question before trying the plug in.
I’m on a project of audience measurement of the activity of more then 10 000 websites.

Moreover there are different perimeters of visibility on the datas.

So the objective is to make a roll up for each perimeter of visibility (more than 150) for the several users of the project.

With this project the problem is the volumetry of the measurement.
The question(s) is (are) :

  • Does the Roll-up just make a copy of the datas of all sites ?
  • Or does it make some links between the tables of the database ?

Or just, how are stored the datas of the roll up with this plus in ?

Thank you.
If you need more informations juste ask me.

Hi @Mathieu_C,

Roll-up will not make a copy of any data, it will read all the raw data from the websites added in the Roll-up and aggregate the reports.

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