Roll-Up Reporting API - addRollUp


I’m trying to add a roll-up using the reporting API.
I’m using RollUpReporting.addRollUp (name, sourceIdSites, timezone, currency) but I have an issue in my request.

Here is my request :

The error is the following : {“result”:“error”,“message”:“Source measurables: At least one children site needs to be assigned to the Roll-Up site”}

I tried pretty much all formats for the “sourceIdSites” value :

  • sourceIdSites={1011}
  • sourceIdSites=[1011]
  • sourceIdSites=1011
  • sourceIdSites=[“1011”]

Does anybody have an idea ?
Thanks for your help !

Best Regards,

Hi Jérôme,

The correct syntax is:


If for example, you were adding 3 sites.


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It’s working, thanks a lot Jason !

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