Return Visitor

Question: A visitor that comes back to same page is not always shown as a return visitor. I see something wrong here…

Isn’t a visitor that comes back to my main domain page 1 hour later not a return visitor, and shown as such?

Why would I get no return visitor icon when a visitor comes back to same exact URL 1 hour later?

Thank you…

Please post screenshot showing the same visitor coming back (from visitor log)?

Sure, I attached a screen shot showing just 1 entry like this but I have plenty more on a single page log view. Isn’t there suppose to be a return visit icon in there? The 2nd action is him or her returning about 5 minutes later. I am involved with traffic exchanges and as such, there are many and almost all return visitors. I seen as much as 38 actions on a return visitor without icon! Am I reading the stats wrong Matt? Anyhow, icon should be there just for the mere fact of having more than 1 action to the exact same URL in my opinion.


Update: I attached a 2nd screenshot taken from same log page with more Actions without icon.

IP Address and browser are different, this is not the same visitor.

The 2 screenshots must of confused you Matt. Both are entries from a different visitor … of course… however just look at one of the screenshots, especially the 2nd one which shows multiple actions for a unique visitor. Thats the issue… no return visitor icon.

Return visito means that the visitor has visited the site earlier. In the first visit, a visitor is not a return visit… only subsequent visits are ‘return’

It makes sense, that’s what I thought too, case closed, thanks matt :slight_smile: