Retargeting with Matomo

Is it possible to use Matomo for retargeting campaigns, like Audiences in GA work?

Hi @DanielHug
As I don’t know GA, could you explain your needs?
Maybe @RonanChardonneau has also some clues on that…?

I don’t think so, i think it is a pure Google thing.


You could build a custom audience if you’re tracking the user ID as a hash of the email, but it’s not the same.

Edit: it also means you need registered users in order to make it work.

Thanks a lot to you all who contributed!

You can handle with that to check the function of the matomo “Returning visits” statistic and “Visits by days since last visit” statistic. It only works with cookie tracking.

make a view here: Tracking New Visits and Returning Visits over a month

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