Restricted user access

(wedo) #1

I want to make user accounts for clients, but they are not that computer savvy. The menu options open up a lot of questions I do not want to answer. (What is an api for?)

The easiest way for me was to edit the css and set the style to display: none, but that hid it from me as well. Is there a way to restrict users even more? I would rather them not clicking update whenever they want. Could I have one css for users and one a for superuser? It looks like a plugin can add menu items, but can one hide them from a particular user?

I know I could make a secure page then put a widget on it for them, but they will always ask for by day then by week, etc…

Email reports would be nice too.

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

there is currently no way to hide some menus from some users.
only the super admin can execute the update even though all users would see that Piwik has a new version available

(jamesplato) #3

I agree, there needs to be a way for only admin to see system message and certain menu items.