Restrict user to a segment


Hi all,
I have an Intranet site with several internal sub sites, that is, not separate sub domains but by
using query-string parameters (this is an old platform).
For example:

/depsite.asp?pid=1… are all the pages of the internal site of department X
/depsite.asp?pid=2…are all the pages of the internal site of department Y

I created segments for each department data ie. PAGE_URL contains pid=2 for department Y.

My question is, can I create a user that can use piwik but only with this segment?
I want to give department Y user only what he needs.



(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Unfortunately it is not possible to give a user access to one segment only.
(feel free to create feature request on our issue tracker: Issues · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub )

however you can create a scheduled report and have it sent for a particular segment, to a particular email address. This may work as workaround but is not ideal for you I guess.


Thanks Matt.
I will open a feature request, i think it can be usefull for other multi managed sites.