Restrict options in a dashboard embedded in an HTML page

I’m thinking abbout embedding one of my dashboards in a html page for my customers.
Is it possible to select a single dashboard without selecting other dashboards?
And is it possible to remove the segment selection and the ability to add new widgets to the dashboard from the view?


on Embedding Matomo Reports in Other Websites or Apps User Guide - Analytics Platform - Matomo you will find more information about embedding a dashboard in other websites.


This is exactly the site I came from.
If I follow the instructions, my customer has the possibility to choose between the dashboards and to add new reports to them.
My wish is that he sees one of the dashboards and can’t change anything except the date/time period selected.

I don’t know if its possible the way you want it.
An alternative is to embed the widgets separately in one html-page. Only the date/time period will not be available.

Perhaps someone else has an idea?

I’m still trying to get this done. I tried to remove the HTML-Elements I don’t want to be displayed via JavaScript, but the page where the iframe is placed is on another subdomain.
Is it possible to set document.domain to my parent domain inside of the widgetized dashboard?
I tried to do it via a widget i placed in the dashboard, but that didn’t work.
Does anybody have an idea?