Restart Google Analytics Import Problem

A couple of weeks ago I started the import of my Google Analytics data. Not knowing exactly what I was doing I put that day’s date as the end date. (I now know that I should have left the end date blank). Anyway it took 2 weeks to transfer 6 years of Google data due to rate limits. And now its done. BUT I don’t have the last 2 weeks of data and the data being pulled in today, tormorrow, etc. I would like to restart it so that it grabs new data everyday (starting from 2 weeks ago) until I can coordinate updating my website to point to my Matomo installation (and then finally ditch GA).

BUT the “re-import data range” link doesn’t do anything. I can enter a start date and/or end date into the form but nothing happens. If I start a new import it will create a new site and I still don’t think there is a merge tool for merging two sites right?

Any ideas on how I can continue short of starting the import all over again. :slight_smile: