Restart Google Analytics Import Problem

A couple of weeks ago I started the import of my Google Analytics data. Not knowing exactly what I was doing I put that day’s date as the end date. (I now know that I should have left the end date blank). Anyway it took 2 weeks to transfer 6 years of Google data due to rate limits. And now its done. BUT I don’t have the last 2 weeks of data and the data being pulled in today, tormorrow, etc. I would like to restart it so that it grabs new data everyday (starting from 2 weeks ago) until I can coordinate updating my website to point to my Matomo installation (and then finally ditch GA).

BUT the “re-import data range” link doesn’t do anything. I can enter a start date and/or end date into the form but nothing happens. If I start a new import it will create a new site and I still don’t think there is a merge tool for merging two sites right?

Any ideas on how I can continue short of starting the import all over again. :slight_smile:

So am I just stuck here? No suggestions from anyone? :frowning:

Hi @crowmagnumb ,

When you start to import Google Analytics data into Matomo, a new website will be created within Matomo automatically to import the data from Google Analytics. The import can not go into an existing website in Matomo and this data can’t be merged with the imported data from Google Analytics (which will be into a newly created website).

Thanks @karthik . I guess that’s what I’m afraid of, I just messed up and have to start all over again and reimport 6 years worth of google analytics. What I’m afraid of is that after more weeks of running it won’t actually work like I think if I leave the end date off. :frowning: Weeks is a long time to wait to see if I’m right. ha ha.

I guess I’m really, really surprised that I can’t just start it again but starting with the date I left off last month, let it import into a new website but THEN simply merge the two websites together. After all it is just an integer ID in the db. Isn’t there a simple script to merge two websites within Matomo?

I think this is a good starting point to develop:
And then share:

Your own plugin :wink:

Or else ask for a new feature request in the GitHub repo:

I’m just asking for a few SQL statements. :slight_smile:

There is a data tables description there:

Try looking here: Merge data from two sites into one · Issue #7650 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

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Just a +1 to fortify the OP’s pledge for an easier way to merge two databases together. I had the same problem, GA got stuck on one specific date and I had to start all over. In my case that`s for 12 years and is going to take for sure 3-4 weeks.