RESOLVED : Release 1.1.1 : not able to login on some of my customers sites

This is a bug for some users in 1.1 please see and post your config details in the bug report:[/quote]

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Infomaniak has provided a solution :

[b]In “core/Cookie.php”, replace the two occurrences of :
if(PHP_VERSION < ‘5.2.1’)


if(preg_match("/5.2.1/", PHP_VERSION))[/b]

The issue introduced in latest versions of Piwik is that the script is ignoring that there is PHP versions between 5.2.1 and 5.3 (Infomaniak is using 5.2.14), so it’s using 5.3 functions that are in fact not available in these environments…

The fix worked perfectly for me :slight_smile:

Hi all,

I got the answer from Infomaniak today. Thanks to all of them! Thereafter you will find the translated answer :

In fact, Piwik has changed something in the cookie treatment in version 1.1.1, specially PHP version installed on the server…
Piwik verify if PHP version is lower than5.2.1 and, if it is not, use automatically PHP 5.3 functions.
Unfortunately, between PHP version 5.2.1 and 5.3, other version exist… and Piwik don’t care of them!
Infomaniak use actually version 5.2.14 which explain the problem.

Here is the solution :

In Piwik, edit file core/Cookie.php and replace 2 time (normally on lines 230 and 258)

if(PHP_VERSION < ‘5.2.1’)


if(preg_match("/5.2.1/", PHP_VERSION))

Warning : this occurence appear 2 time !

After that, all is OK

JCN Consultant

You’re one hour late JCN Consultant :smiley:

Anyway, I’m really impressed with the quality of the Infomaniak support :slight_smile:

Time to test the solution and to translate correctly the answer in english SebNYD (I am french and the Infomaniak answer was in french…) (:P)>:D<

I am partner of Infomaniak since 8 years and I am always impress with their support too. (tu)


I’m french too, I was just kidding earlier ;o)

I had the problem too and found almost the same correction this morning.
I modified the code :

if(PHP_VERSION < '5.2.1')


if(PHP_VERSION < '[b]5.3[/b]')

Now everything is working like a charm.

youpi! Perfect!!

Perfect also for me !
Thank you for all and Infomaniak