[RESOLVED] Can't import my database when moving to a new server


I want to move my Piwik installation to a new server. I have followed the procedure in the Installation page (exported my database as an sql file in PhpMyAdmin, without the archives tables).

But then when I want to upload this file on my new phpmyadmin, my computer works for a long time (probably due to the big size of the file, around 10 Mo), and then displays a blank page. The piwik tables aren’t added to my database.

Do you have any idea where this can come from?


have a look at phpinfo();

post_max_size ?
upload_max_filesize ?
max_execution_time ?
etc …


OK I checked that and here is what I have:

post_max_size 8M
upload_max_filesize 40M
max_execution_time 50000

My filesize is less than 40M but how can I check for the other parameters? And how can I change them if necessary?


post_max_size 8M

so your file size is less than 8mb? otherwise you will not be able to upload…

you can chage the values in php.ini file
see: PHP: php.ini directives - Manual
but in most cases you can only change this if you own a rootserver…

otherwise try this:


it worked with bigdump.