[RESOLVED] Browser without version


I tinkered a hack to resolve my problem :
It’s here

I would know if it was possible to get a list with percent of browser without version.

Instead of :

I would have :

Thanks or sorry for my english.

(Thomas Seifert) #2

How about the “Browser families” report under Visitors -> Settings?


In fact, the browser families is not the information I would to know, because Chrome and Safari are not separate (webkit), IceWeasel, Firefox, Flock neither (Gecko).

I’m interrested in the exact name of the browser :

And for the same numbers with the “browser families”, I’ve got :


I resolved it with a terribly ugly hack, but if someone is interrested and anything else is found :

And :

After I don’t remeber all I changed but, you can user getBrowserName instead of getBrowser and obtain the list of Browser names without version number.