Reset Dashboard

(Piwik4all) #1

Hey guys,

due to those problems i had updating to v0.2.35 i deleted this widget which was hovering above all other widgets and showing the amount of the las visits.

Piwik was then back working again and i added the last visits widget back to the dashboard. But now it doesn’t hover above all other widgets but instead is inlining with the others.

How can i reset my widget so that the last visits widget will be as it was?


(vipsoft) #2

You can drag and drop the widget (from its title bar) to reorder your dashboard layout using a non-IE browser.

(Piwik4all) #3

well, i tried that with the newest firefox but i can only drag and drop it within the inlining area. It’s somehow not possible to drag the widget to the top area that would make it a block above all other widgets.

is it maybe possible to manually set the database so the dashboard resets to it’s normal configuration?