Request.JSONP for Piwik Live.getVisitorProfile is giving null

website : “

My website is being tracked by Piwik and In my website to retrieve current visitors profile I am using “&method=Live.getVisitorProfile” and while retrieving the data, sometimes I am getting an empty json for first time visitor (a visitor visiting for first time) and if the same visitor visit the page again (refreshing the page) “&method=Live.getVisitorProfile” is retrieving the json value.

I guess this is because of cookie being saved on client (visitor’s) browser.

My implementation is to bring visitor’s profile and identify whether is it a first time visitor or returning visitor, accordingly I have to play with my JavaScript.

“var piwikUserDataFile = ‘’;”

new Request.JSONP({url: piwikUserDataFile, callbackKey: ‘jsoncallback’,log:‘true’, onComplete: function(data){
console.log(“Before decoding:”+data);
piwikDataDecode = JSON.decode(JSON.stringify(data));
console.log(“After decoding:”+piwikDataDecode[‘lastVisits’]);

			console.log("Visitor Type:    "+piwikDataDecode['lastVisits'][0]['visitorType']);
			console.log("Referrer Name:   "+piwikDataDecode['lastVisits'][0]['referrerName']);
			console.log("Device Type:     "+piwikDataDecode['lastVisits'][0]['deviceType']);
			console.log("Country:    "+piwikDataDecode['countries'][0]['prettyName']);
			console.log("Operating System Name:    "+piwikDataDecode['lastVisits'][0]['operatingSystemName']);
			console.log("Browser Name:    "+piwikDataDecode['lastVisits'][0]['browserName']);


This is how I am using the Live.getVisitorProfile() and retrieving JSONP value using Mootools Request.JSONP.

I am using Request.JSONP of MooTools (MooTools More Documentation)

This is acting sometimes weird with Win 10 + any browser.
and someother times with Mac + any browser.

Please redirect me to right post on this or suggest me an answer.

Thank you!!