Reports - custom report for list of specific urls on site

Is it possible to create a custom report for a specific list of url’s on a site?

We have 2 dozen specific url’s on our site that we want monthly stats on.

Is it possible to input the url’s once and have monthly stats displayed?

Currently we use Analytics and it does not offer this functionality, hence we are shopping around for alternatives.

If you use the

\ or | regex symbols to filter in a list of pages your particular pages desired it should allow you to get what you want.

One example is a pages report and in the field below enter a regex and desired url to see results.


hi thanks for the reply

what we are looking for is a single page with the urls and the associated visitor and unique view for each url
as opposed to a single report for each URL…

example report:

[ URL ] [ views ] [ unique views ] 192 103 1929 1393 291 203 92 65 123 81

yes go to pages and try this on dashboard add widget from Actions->Pages


in the search field will filter it to just the 3 pages here

\ and | are used andyou can add which ever urls you like.

This would give you the results as you wanted

thank you very much I will try this

Another solution which would solve this issue easier:
we have now released the Custom Reports feature for Piwik!

Custom reports lets you choose which dimensions and metrics you want to see. You can combine multiple dimensions (up to 3) and as many metrics as you need.
The custom reports can be emailed to your partners or customers, and have their own menu entry in the Piwik report list. You can even setup advanced filters to further customise the reports.

Learn more about the power of Custom Reports in the user guide: Custom Reports - Analytics Platform - Piwik
or FAQ: Custom Reports - Analytics Platform - Piwik

This premium plugin can be purchased here:

and have a wonderful end of year!

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