Reporting of sub domain traffic

Hi all,

I’m just attempting to evaluate Piwik with a view to moving from GA. I’ve looked thorugh the FAQs, knowledgebase etc. but need some help in working this out.

I’m tracking sub domains in the same Piwik website. I can view basic sub domain traffic in Actions>Page Titles and Visitors>Visitor Log, but would like to view activity in more detail.

I guess what I want is to have a dashboard for each sub domain and view subdomains separately under the ‘All Websites’ dashboard - without creating a sub domain as a separate website under >Websites Management (because I believe each sub domain would then require its unique tracking code, which is not possible)

So any ideas as to how to create customised sub domain reports would be welcome

I’ve just discovered ‘Evolution of Multiple Rows’ with which I can compare sub domain traffic to a certain extent, although I can’t help thinking that there may be a better way to more comprehensively show and evaluate this data.

The alternative is:

  • create a custom variable with the subdomain
  • use a custom segment to view visitors with this custom variable, one custom segment per subdomain for example
    to view the stats segmented by custom domains

it will be easier in 1.12 where we will include Segment editor:
(coming in a few days as beta)


Thank you for your reply.

I’ll start to look at custom variables, funnily enough I had that page open whilst posting. Will also test the new beta version, when it’s ready.