Reporting by custom dimensions


We track multiple “locations” and their activity within our software. We trigger various events in the context of a unique locationID which we’ve set up as a custom dimension.

I am trying to return the locationID (customDimension1) in a report using the reporting API


This URL returns great data, but there’s no dimension1 data included. I can segment this report by adding dimension1==823 (An example location ID), but I need the locationID in the report itself.

I’m not tied to getLastVisitsDetails. I really just need events by locationID and am really grabbing at straws now. Please help thanks!

P.s. any help on this in Piwik 3? Can’t wait to upgrade

I’ve also tried this, but it doesn’t include the event name in the results,2016-12-28&format=JSON&token_auth=*******&segment=actionType==events;dimension1%3E0

I think you need this: Custom Action Dimension Not Showing in Rest APi Response · Issue #46 · matomo-org/plugin-CustomDimensions · GitHub - please leave a comment there