Report url of visited pages only


Have just successfully installed Piwik and am now looking at getting the data I want out for manipulating. I need to be able to get a list (and count) of knowledgebase articles that have been viewed in the last month. The url to the knowledge base looks something like these:
[li] Knowledgebase |
[/li][li] Knowledgebase |
I can get this from Actions|Pages and export it, but will have to go through and expand everything (as per screenshot) and even then the export is difficult to read.

Is there a way I can do this?

Yes, click on the cog Icon and click on “Flatten” report which will show the expanded pages.

Thanks for this Matt, exactly what I want.

Is it possible to email this on a monthly basis in a text file(.txt/.csv)? In Email Reports I can only see an option for Pages URL, which is a summary rather than the detail I’d like.

If not, is it possible to get this info from the MySQL database?

You can get info from API this way, by adding &flat=1

Note that later we’ll add this option for Email reports. stay tuned!

Tracked in Scheduled reports: New option to include all rows (no limit) in pdf/html reports · Issue #2817 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub