Report Searching, Drill down and Filtering

I’m new to matomo and I’m trying to figure out two things regarding searching and filtering for existing reports (I’ve seen that you can create custom reports with a non-free plugin - that is not what I mean).

  1. Searching
    There is a search bar that allows you to search the report at the bottom of the report. How can I move this to the top?
    It’s not useful at all to have a report of 100 rows (example) and if you want to search you have to scroll down all the way. That’s bad UI and it took me a long time to even find this.

  2. Searching
    Searching the pages report if it’s not in flat mode a search with the full path does not lead to any results. If I put it in flat mode it does give result.
    I’d like to find all pages with path /abc/def/xy and below. Entering “/abc/def/xy” in the page report (not in flat mode) gives no results. I have to first switch to flat mode and than I can search. Why?

  3. Searching
    Having changed the view mode to the flat version and doing a search - can I somehow save that search (as a bookmark or somewhere else). So I can send that search to someone else?

  4. Drill down
    In the “not flat” page report. Is it possible to click on a node and have this as the new topmost node in the report? Again it would be nice to bookmark this.

5 Filtering
Is there any means of filtering an existing report? Knowing Google Analytics and eTracker I’m a bit confused as I can do “nothing” with a report.
Example: I’d like to know how many people use a certain browser for certain pages and how this interacts with session parameters (like number of viewed pages).

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I can only answer the last question:

You can use filters in custom reports… (yes I know, you don’t have this premium feature now ;-))
Also you can use the segments. they are not exactly filters, as the ‘atom’ of the segment is the visit instead of actions. If you want to get the visits on Chrome, the segments are for you. If you want to get visits where users hit a specific page, also the segments are for you. But if you want to get all events on a specific page, segments are not designed for this.

If you prefer having filters instead of segments, you can configure Matomo: