Report emails not sending

I’m using the Matomo for Wordpress plugin and am having issues receiving emailed reports. I’ve set up a report to run weekly (which isn’t coming through) and when I click ‘Send report now’ the system gives me a confirmation message, but the email never arrives. Has anyone else run into a similar issue? I’m not sure where to begin with the troubleshooting, as there is no error message.

I have checked my spam/junk mail and tried sending the reports to email accounts on different domains. I am able to view the report in the plugin. The emails just aren’t being sent.


The Matomo for Wordpress plugin hooks into the Wordpress E-Mail system. So make sure that Wordpress itself is able to send emails successfully.

Also I am not sure if there is maybe a setting for setting the From: address. If so, make sure that the address there is allowed to send mails on the server.

I’ll take a look into that. I know we just figured out an issue with contact forms on the website not sending emails - GoDaddy needed us to route the emails through SMTP. Will this cause any conflicts with Matomo?

Also, I have not been able to find an area where I can specify a sender, but I will keep looking.