Report and Dashboard does ignore Segment

We use Matomo 3.14.1 on our intranet.
We have defined an segment only for some articles from strategie office.
But in the dashbaord the visitis and user-logs show also othe article statistics.

here the only site-url for the articles we would analyse

page url start with https://intranet.cds.testo/Main/StrategyOfficeHome
page title is “House of Stratagie”

but in Dasboard are many other articles shown
in the report email the pdf file which will be gerneratet show also othe the segmented articles

Is this realy a bug in matomo or where I made the miss take ??

kind regards
Reinhard Weh
contact me through email rweh(AT)
or phone +49 (0)7653 681 7927

The segmentation will segment… visits! (it is not a filter)
Then if you create a segment on the visit of page A, you’ll get all visits containing visit of page A.

  • Visitor Marcel goes to page B, then page C, then page D. He will not appear
  • Visitor George goes to page A, then page E, then page D. His whole session will appear! When you then go to the pages report, you’ll see page A, page E and page D
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