Report Across All Websites, Showing Which Cart Split Test Sequence (A/B) Had More Sales

We’re using the Piwik Actions > Landing Pages feature and firing pixel actions for different events. So:

A - Lander Viewed
B - Product Download
C - Product Installed
D - Product First Use
E - Purchase - Precart Page 1
E - Purchase - Precart Page 2
F - Purchase - Cart - Credit Card Form
F - Purchase - Cart - Thankyou/Receipt

Now my client wants to create a split test so that we now have:

E - Purchase - Precart Page 1A
E - Purchase - Precart Page 1B

Okay, that’s not a problem to pixel at all. However, she wants to run a report by day and week where she sees how many conversions happen through the A split test versus B, and across all websites, not just one website.

I imagine that the only way to do this is via the API. I am a Senior PHP coder. So, how would this be achieved?

To run A/B Tests please use our solution: