Replicate Matomo environment

Hello, my client wants to have the same Matomo configuration for all its servers.


  • Server1: Site A, Site B, Site C
  • Server2: Site D, Site E, Site F
  • Server3: Site G, Site H, Site I

Each server has different websites, but he wants to have the same plugins, the same configuration for clear logs, etc… All exactly the same except the websites.

For now I have to manually set up the same configuration for each server, what is a slow and tedious task.

Is any way to do it faster and safe?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Lukas , could anybody advice us about how to replicate configuration between servers? Is there any configuration control over Matomo? What are Matomo configuration files to replicate between them?

We need to ensure that servers have the same configuration on each server. Could you advice us on that? is there any official guideline?


I’m not that familiar with larger server setups, but this might help a bit: