Replay Tracking and archiving


Hello Community,

Matomo displaying some days without any data. I know how to import the missing data but there is something crazy happening.

As far as i know the graphs will be generated by the piwik_archive_* tables, am i right?

I did the following:

  1. Import missing data by the log analytics tool
  2. Starting ./console core:archive
    Result: My missing data are visible

If i delete the piwik_archive_* tables and calling the dashboard again there are my data BEFORE i start importing the logs by the log analytics tool. Why this happening? And yes, the piwik_archive_* tables are generated again.

Normally it should “save” my imported data to the piwik_log_* tables, am i right? Atm it looks like the analytics tool imports the data only to the piwik_archive_* tables?

I hope you know whats the problem is. :slight_smile: