Replace flash by js

Hello, can you replace flash by js. It’s better for portability on mobile platform, work better and faster under linux. All indicate that flash will not be longer user. And some lib for do graphic interative like flash exists in js.

My question is the same that is it possible to replace flash with JS??

Because its my thought that JS may be more faster and easy than flash.

There is a ticket open for this. Chart rendering in JS isn’t necessarily going to be faster or easier. Also, a problem with chart rendering in JS comes down to the libraries – supporting either canvas or svg. (Yes, I know about svg2canvas.)

One of the alternatives we’re investigating is server-generated images of the charts.

Chart rendering by JS is rarely possible faster than flash. The good looking charts, they are faster too, are mostly commercial chart engines.

I guess serverside-generated charts, are an good option. For example ->

Then it’s normal that the flash part is loaded 5s after the page, and only after the data? -> flash is very slow under linux (initialising flash I think). It’s more quick under windows but very more slow under linux, it’s reality. And flash very often under linux. All say other is not under linux where flash support is very bad.
My wish is keep same functionality, but do it with js.

Hey dragonx86, i dont like flash too. I am using an Mac, and flash is the worst thing on my mac. It`s 2011 and flash is unnecessary for a mordern website or application. But i have testet so many JS Charting Engines, they are not faster and incompatible with few Browsers.

Random example:
Quick here, is compatible with all my webbrowser, and old webrowser like ie6 will be drop (microsoft, youtube, … try drop it)

Internet Explorer 6+, Firefox 2.x+, Safari 3.0+, Opera 9.5+ and Konqueror 4.x+, and interactive.

Hey Anthon…

your reply is really veryhelpful for me…thanks for sharing your knowledge.

dragonx86: we’re aware of float. Currently, pie charts are not natively supported by the library. Also, because it renders to canvas, there are limits on interaction.

OpenFlashCharts actually renders quite quickly. I think the delay you’re seeing is attributeable to:

  1. the server is crunching the data for the .swf to render (a JSON data stream), and
  2. by default, Piwik’s session handler will synchronize some of the UI requests to reduce the number of concurrent mysql connections

Switching to JS won’t change either of these.

Some links on that topic:


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