Removing visits

I think i owe piwik a hugh thanks, for fixing the overcounting issue…

So thanks once again crew @ piwik…

Now i just want to now if it possibel to remove the visit’s from the last 2 days where the system had the issue ?

I am also interested in the same question.

Searching through the site, I found references to a SQL query that can be used to delete entries in the logs, but there are also references to reports.

My guess is that the procedure would look something like this :

1- Delete the bad entries for those two days
2- Trigger a refresh of the reports (possibly by deleting them first)

Can someone confirm the proper procedure ?

I sort of remember reading one of Piwik guys saying that there wasn’t really duplicate data in the database and that it was only the widget who was showing duplicate.
Anyone can confirm ?
(I dont use the widget myself, i prefer the page Visitor > Log )

After applying the fix, the reports still show unusual amounts of visits for the two days before the fix was applied.

Maybe it is a matter of republishing the reports ?

I will try to check that out if I get some time later today. I have to find again the post or the FAQ that explained how to re-publish the reports.

Deleting all tables that begin by archive_ is what you want.

Dont touch the logs tables if you do this.

Next time you visit the dashboard; all data is reprocessed.

Unfortunately, deleting the archives tables for January 2011 did not do a thing to correct the reports. They still show up with the wrong numbers.

I also deleted the caches to be sure.

Ok, i’m sorry to read that.
I didn’t experienced any problem (that i’m aware of). I wonder if there’s something related to server configs.
I dont really know about mine but i can look in the php info output if that could be of any help.

Has anybody successfully cleaned up bad entries ?

Since refreshing the archive tables did not work for me, it seems my only option is to clean up actual visits in the log tables.

I can see two paces to clean up :

  • The log_visit table
  • The log_link_visit_action table (for visitids deleted in the visit table).

I successfully removed visits from Piwik reports, it’s easy:
[li] In phpMyAdmin > my_piwik_database > table ‘log_visit’ I deleted some unwanted records
[/li] => Visits desappear from Visitor Log, but reports still display old values.
[li] I deleted both tables of a month: ‘archive_blob_2012_05’ and ‘archive_numeric_2012_05
[/li] => reports values of May are updated as dashboard page reload!