Removing Piwik Footprint... not working anymore?

Hey everyone. I have followed the instructions for removing the Piwik footprint from the javascript code here:

But now Piwik does not seem to be tracking anything.

I modified the piwik.php file with the URL of the site to track, and the user token for the user I created.

I verified that my server is using PHP5 with “allow_url_fopen = On”

Not sure what the problem is… It was working fine until I started changing the javascript following the instructions from the FAQs to remove the footprint.

Nobody can help with this??

please try debugging the tracking calls as per instructions in: Tracking API - Analytics Platform - Matomo

maybe you will see the problem looking with Firebug

Thanks I will take a look and see if I can figure this out. I appreciate your help.


Tried this too, followed the instructions.

After that, I couldn’t even open my Piwik server any more:
Fatal error: Out of memory … for the include files

Restoring the old piwik.php and returning to the old tracking code was the only option to get Piwik running again.

Is this a known error and how could I get around it?


Sooo its years gone by now, and im still only using piwik on a couple of my sites because of this footer footprint…

I havent been able to fix it yet… Does anyone know how to do this yet?!?

I just followed the most recent version of how to remove the footer footprint and ive got

Invalid variable type ‘NULL’, expected one of following: Piwik_DataTable

on all of the sites that I’ve done it on .

I checked the php.ini,

I modified my footer code,

I updloaded the piwik.php to the tracked sites

I dont see what is wrong.

if you follow instructions it should work, if you need pro help:

I followed the instructions, and it shows errors.

I am now trying the wordpress plugin and enabling the feature that way, I dont know if it’s working or not yet.