Remove ?nab=x from all URLs


I’m using the custom reports plugin, and lots of pages are treated as a separate page because they have a different ?nab=x parameter at the end of the URL (which come from the Nelio A/B plugin).

How can I remove that ?nab parameter from all pages, or alternatively treat all these pages with different ?nab parameters as the same page?


I think this sounds a bit like

I hope this helps your issue

Thank you, that looks like it will help. Would I need to use a regular expression, because the value after nab= can change, or is it enough if I just enter ?nab=


Just entering nab (the GET parameter itself) should be enough to e.g. also remove it from e.g. ?test=bla&nab=x

Thank you!! It says it only affects future data. Would it be possible to apply it for historical data as well? (Maybe through invalidation?)


It might work with invalidation, but I can’t promise it. It might also be that this process is done during the tracking request before storing the data in the database