Remove my IP from tables (db)?

I generate a lot of my own traffic, because I develop on my site too. I love the look and feel of Piwik, but I need a way to ignore or exclude my own IPs. I know this feature is going to be in the v1.0 release.

Until then, I was wondering if I could remove my visits by removing their entries in the database manually? I’m thinking something like this…

Log into mysql and DELETE FROM piwik_* WHERE

It should be pretty fast to remove those instances with just a few commands. I can run the commands before checking the stats - but may need help with the syntax.

Has anyone tried anything like this? Does anyone else have ideas or a workaround until v1.0? Maybe there’s a better, different way to remove my own visits from the output?

2 notes:

In the tickets for ignoring or excluding an IP, there is code attached for referrers I think - but I don’t know how to ‘work’ this workaround, and I can’t seem to find it. There’s also this > < Any ideas on how to implement these workarounds?

I’ve read that the feature will be released before 1.0. Is it in the svn trunk right now that I can test?

Anywho, if neither of these work, I’d still like to try removing my IP instance from the database.