Reload widgets - individually!


One quick suggestion (hope it’s not cooking yet somewhere in a to-do list).

Currently, each widget on the dashboard is enclosed in a box that has three hovering-activated buttons – minimize, maximize and close.

I suggest a fourth button be added. It would implement a “reload this widget” function.

The reason why I am suggesting this additional button is that I’ve had times when the page loads but some widgets fail to load. Also, the “last visits graph” doesn’t refresh and until last week I was in a place of Africa where the internet connection was dead slow – reloading the whole page took quite some time, which I thought was a shame since I only wanted to refresh that specific widget. Last, resizing the Firefox window makes the pie chart in “Length of visits” widget disappear and any subsequent mouse hovering over the area where the pie is supposed to be causes numerous (but harmless) JavaScript errors.

Anyway, I think an individual “reload” button for refreshing widgets would be great.

Thanks, great suggestion - could you please create a ticket in ?thx