Related report: Resolution width

Resolution is given in width and height (WWWW x HHHH), but there are so many different resolutions with all these big desktop screens, not/net/web-books and phablets and etc, so this list is often very fragmented.

Mostly I am not interested in in the combination of height and with, but often the sum of all widths for responsive design. Would it be possible to have an “Related report: Resolution width” and “Related report: Resolution height”?

atm I create this in librecalc, but this is a little bit inconvenient;)


It’s a great idea. I think this could be even the default report displayed. What resolutions would we display, ie. all of them grouped by width maybe?

What resolutions would we display, ie. all of them grouped by width maybe?

With an hierarchic tree like in the “pages” and an flat option for the “old” view? Yes this would be even better;)


320x 480       34
768x1024       69
800x1280       10
    600        24
    768        163
    819        20

1152x864       17

    1024       365
    720        14
    768        14
    800        160
    960        18

1344x840       19
1366x768       221
1440x900       95
1525x858       9 
1536x864       11

    1200       22
    900        102
    1050       320
    945        12

    1080       419
    1200       169

2560x1440       14

To be honest I like the simple solution:

  • Screen widths report. For the height, display in grey the most used height.
  • When clicking on the grey Height, the “old” full resolution listing displays

would that be good?

Yes of course.

For me it would be just great to see the cumulated width. And an simple solution is always better;)

Ok so please create a ticket with this suggestion as worded there and we’ll consider for sure, as I would like the same thing :wink:

OK I hope I did not forgot anything report: Resolution width · Issue #3886 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

@matt thx for your support… and piwik :wink: