Register for beta tests of an open source TAG MANAGER

Dear Piwik users,

A new open source tag manager.called 7tag is looking for beta testers. Its creators would like it to be fully compliant with Piwik and with time develop a full open-source marketing stack. You can read more and register for early beta access at:

We hope you find it interesting and useful! If so, please help us to speard the word!


Hi everyone,

we have just released the Free Open Source Matomo Tag Manager. Learn more about this powerful new Tag Manager here: Free Open Source Matomo Tag Manager now available as a beta - Analytics Platform - Matomo

And we would love if some developers are keen to contribute: Developers and vendors: Want a Matomo Hoodie? Add a tag to the Matomo Open Source Tag Manager and this could be yours! - Analytics Platform - Matomo


Not now…I am not a developer…