Regex format for URCHIN log format

The URCHIN log format is like this
LogFormat “%h %v %u %t “%r” %>s %b “%{Referer}i” “%{User-Agent}i” “%{Cookie}i””

The Problem:
When I try to import these log into Piwik, it doesn’t show any referral data. Its like can’t read it correctly.

What is the REGEX syntax to import this log format, IE --log-format-regex=’…’ --url= …

Log analytics detects many formats (see )

What software does create this log format? urchin itself creates these logs? that’s strange I didnt know Urchin was creating logs.

If so, please create a ticket: and Attach a small sample log file for this format.

Urchn itself does not create log files. Urchin tells you to put this log format inside of your httpd.con file. APACHE THEN generates the log in this format.

Log analytics detects seems to not be able to IMPORT this log format into Piwik. For some UNKNOWN reason when you attempt to import this log format inside of Piwik, it DOES NOT put any data inside of the “REFFEER” table. It also fails to populate other fields such as Visitor Table or “User Agents”

Piwik will detect standard log formats. It sounds like this log format is not detected yet. Can you create a ticket on and attach a small log file with 10-20 lines? then we can try to detect this log format.