Referring link from shows as direct


Just upgraded to the newest piwik version and am looking to track referrers to the individual pages on my site.

I have done some tests and I am noticing that the referrer visitors to my piwik-enabled website are showing as Direct when they are indeed coming from the

I have also created a simple link from one of my blogs and clicking on that link does produce a “Referrer” entry in piwik.

Also, I have noticed a Search visitor from bing.

So Direct/Search/Referrer mostly works but it does not work for

Why do people who come through the links from show as direct? What can I do about it? Yahoo may be doing some redirects but I coud not verify that by simply looking at the browser.

Thanks in advance!

Floranik, I don’t think this has anything to do with windows pc repair. And I think you are spamming.

This is a simple issue why a visitor from a link from (a q&a site) is showing as a Direct visitor instead of a Referred visitor by

Maybe they show as “direct” because the referrer is lost because the page are HTTPS maybe? or are also pages on HTTP lost?

The referring pages indeed start with… so they are https:// I have not found a page that would be http://

I have 55% of my visitors coming from “direct” links which is a bit high. I wonder if there is any way to show referrers even if they come from

There is no way to see referrers for pages in HTTPS (ssl) as this is “by design” that browsers will not send the HTTPS referrer (it is a privacy benefit of using SSL, but it’s less data to the webmasters of the website!)