Referres not being recorded

(nmoscoso) #1

I just installed version 0.8. Added a couple of sites and inserted the code properly before the tag in each of those sites on every single page. No frames or anything like that. One of the sites is not recording anything although the tags are correct. The other one is recording direct visits but does not record any visits from search engines. I have tested those visits by logging through VPN to multiple remote sites so that the IP is different every time since I understand that whithin 30 minutes Piwik consideres a visit from the same IP the same visit and will not record the change in referer. Does anybody have any idea of what may be happening or how to troubleshoot this problem?

Thanks in advance.

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

I assume you read

did you wait a few hours for rela traffic to kick in and see if referer tracking work?

(nmoscoso) #3

Thanks for your reply. I did read that article and checked the three items mentioned there. The tags are valid (otherwise direct visits would not be recorded either but they are being recorded), No frames or redirects on any of my sites and the visits have been done from multiple public Ips accessing first the site through Google or Yahoo. Actually, The first visit from google or Yahoo is not recorded but once I click on another page the visit is recorded as a direct visit (The referrer is completely ignored). I also waited a reasonable time (36 hours) andd the stats do not change. I went to the database and the table containing the visits data only has the visits that are being displayed by the user interface. Am I missing anything??

(Matthieu Aubry) #4

what is your website URL, Piwik URL? please send details by MP (along with piwik login/pwd) so I can check

(Frederik10k) #5


I’ve got the same problem.
The referer is not recorded by Piwik.

I was playing around with some code, and i was able to print the referer on my page.
The correct referer was displayed, so I think it get send correctly to the tracker.
Piwik records pagetitle, last URL, IPs, everyting BUT every user is displayed with a “direct” entry.


SQL database shows the “referer_url” in the table “_log_visit”.
So the url is recorded, but not shown!?

(Matthieu Aubry) #6

you are using a custom widget WHOIS or something, please use the official Live! plugin widget instead

(vipsoft) #7

Report the problem to the developer on the plugin’s ticket: